HSK85S-SCM Test Bar D50 L300

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HSK DIN 69893 is the most common modern electrospindle connection, evolution of the classic SK connection. The most noticeable difference is the improved stability of the HSK, due to the “face-to-face” contact between the cone surface and the electrospindle nose. Thanks to this feature, HSK can safely reach speed levels impossible for SK, BT or CAT tool holders, while keeping high standard of precision and vibration control. With HSK tool holders run out stats are improved and spindle components lifespan is increased.

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    tool clamper

    tool clamper d 85 attacco HSK WEINIG – HSK


    Components to add

    Spindle Gripper HSK

    Gripper for HSK Spindles
    Ensure a precise grip and a quick relase of the tool holder.
    The innovative design allows the continuous self-centering of the tool block components.
    The system is tested for 2.000.000 cycles The innovative desand it is interchangeable with “OTT” systems


    Ball-clamping System for SK/BT pull studs with radius

    Ball-clamping System for pull studs with radius