IMS strenghtens its leadership, with Easy Fit and Rock Solid

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IMS continues to focus towards an ambitious and always evolving stone working market which has always been a huge priority for the Company. They strive towards developing new products and raise its qualitative standards at the maximum level. During the last couple of years, this commitment has led to the introduction of two product lines that are transforming some of the key perceptions in the stone and granite ecosystem.

First, the meaning of the expression “high range tool holder” saw a jump on the quality perception thanks to the new Easy Fit. Developed together with MainAxis, manufacturer of digital measurement systems for stone tools, Easy Fit is the one and only self-centering tool holder which guarantees a constant and stable grinding wheel centering resulting in better performance, less tool consumption, better cutting quality and astonishing savings of time and money. With Easy Fit, the amount of time spent during the grinding wheel mounting and dismounting is drastically reduced, which allows the levels of safety of the operations to be increased. Thanks to this system, setting and centering operations only takes a few minutes, with a time savings of around 80% and a consistent reduction of vibrations even at high speeds and on an extended period of use.

Here a list of the other advantages of the new Easy Fit tool holders:

  • Easy fitting and removal of the grinding wheel
  • Significant reduction of setting and calibrating cost
  • Significant reduction of vibrations
  • Significant reduction of tool consumption and wasting material
  • Significant reduction of water waste, as the cooling liquid is sealed and redirected through the tool body
  • High qualitative cutting standards guaranteed in time

Easy Fit

Another important innovation is the stainless steel alloy in which Easy Fit is manufactured: The best possible mix among corrosion protection, hardness and tolerance keeping.
Today, Easy Fit is available in its Smart Chip Ready version, which includes the predisposition to install a reading chip and register tracking, usage, and identification information, in line with the guidelines requested by Industry 4.0.

Another idea IMS is rapidly eradicating is the perception of being “only” a leading brand for tool holders. With the intention to propose itself as a sole partner for CNC equipment, IMS developed its own line of slab holding Rock Solid suction cups for CNC grinding. The suction cup body is manufactured in anodized aluminum, to prevent corrosion, provide a better finishing and deliver steady performances during the entire product life cycle. Top and bottom surfaces are grounded accurately to guarantee a tolerance of +0.05/0.00. The rubber sealings are easily replaceable and built in anti-stain materials.

IMS Rock Solid suction cups are already for sale and available for the most common machine brands on the market.

Rock Solid suction cups

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