IMS: Positive reports from headquarters and foreign branches

Warehouse IMS

There have been great strides recently in regard to penetrating the market. IMS has started an expansion process to support its investments in the productive and commercial structure of the company.

The IMS management is well aware of the distinctive quality, innovation and reliability of the society and has continued to go all-in to support the core of its business. This has been done by differentiating themselves from the general conservative trend risen after the 2008 crisis and market globalization.

This strategy quickly began to pay off when the global hardships of 2020 began to unroll with all its strength: A report coming from the IMS distribution net confirmed that brave choices lead to positive results, with a global increment in sales and brand awareness. In particular, stock availability in the several warehouses has grown in the last few years to embrace the new ideals of reactivity and immediate service. This helped satisfy the immediate needs of any customer request during the lockdown and restricted operating periods which has helped balance the negative incidence of the global economy.

Going in detail, the hubs of the IMS distribution force are represented by IMS USA, IMS Tecnica and Machtechsolution.

IMS USA LLC, located in Wilmington (North Carolina) has drastically increased its market penetration in the last few years thanks to the renovation of its sales force and to the research and development of new products. A strong presence in the market, along with their “Made in Italy” manufactured products have continued to fascinate and impress its customer base.

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Machtechsolution s.r.o, the official distributor in Praha, Czech Republic, is building its name in the east European market, being an important connection between IMS and important economies like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus, Bulgaria and Russia.

IMS Tecnica S.L. was born with the specific goal to ensure fast and dedicated service to the Spanish and Portuguese customers and has already cemented it’s legacy as a strong presence in the Iberic industry, incrementing the sales push on IMS products and cooperating with the most important CNC machine manufacturers in the area.

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