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2016-09-01 Przyssawki
The suction cup is the systems for the clamping of the marble and glass for CNC pantograph. Are made of aluminium with satin anodized alloy anticorodal 6082. The top vulcanized rubber antacids is cold and ground and provinding tolerance of heigh total +/- 0,03 mm. All suction-cup are made with a modular system assembled. Then are possible different combination. Suction cups are available in version Round type, Square type, Rectangular type, Angle type, Elevation type , Suction cup for drilling, Radial type and Suction cup for engraving SUCTION CUP - ROUND TYPE Tested by many manufactures of CNC Superior holding larger base Standard production D=80-90-110-120-150-160-180-200-250 SUCTION CUP - SQUARE TYPE Compound specially studied for maximum grip and maximum gripsurface Standard production 100x100-120x120-150x150-200x200 SUCTION CUP - RECTANGULAR TYPE Using high quality materials with mechanical galvanic corrosion Standard production 70x120-70x240-100x200-150x300-200x300 SUCTION CUP – ANGLE TYPE The trimming of capacity upper is in EPDM or NBR/SIL 40 Sh and moment lower in NBR/SIL Standard production 150x35x150-150x70x150-200x50x200-200x70x200 SUCTION CUP – ELEVATION TYPE Represents the new generation of integrated and windy managed by tbe CNC. They are used of bridge saws or CNC 5-axis. SUCTION CUP – FOR DRILLING Is designed to allow complete drilling through the CNC Standard production 70x300 SUCTION CUP – RADIAL TYPE The trimming of capacity upper is in EPDM or NBR/SIL 40 Sh and moment lower in NBR/SIL Standard production 50x100 R=100 – 70x 150 R=150 – 70x150 R=200 – 70x150 R=250 SUCTION CUP – FOR ENGRAVING Is designed to allow the processing of small slabs of marble or glass with diamond blades with CNC Standard production 100x200
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