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11/10/2010 Heat shrink toolholder
The heat shrink, clamping system tool, is a way to hold rigidly the cutter with high precision inside the tool holder itself, it is recommended when high speed is needed as well as when the working space is reduced and the depth to reach is critical for traditional tool holders. With this technique, which exploits the property of the metal to expand and contract accordingly with the temperature reached, the tool holder head is heated until it reaches the temperature (300°-400° C) that will expand the cutter housing to accommodate the cutter stem. The subsequent tool holder head cooling down at room temperature, will restricts the holder around the cutter stem, it will create a precise and high strength clamping force, thanking to the natural radial force developed during the procedure of restriction around the cutter steam. The time used to heat the tool holder is very short and the heating therefore will not affect the cutter itself; obviously the higher is the difference of temperature between the tool holders and the cutter shorter will be the time to change the cutter with grate advantages for the working process. The HEAT SHRINK fit is characterized by: • Excellent concentricity between tool holder and cutter, less than 3 microns • Very high precision and high-level performance • High strength and high stiffness output clamping force • Perfect Balancing • Quick insertion and extraction of the cutter • Longer tool holder life • minor space required • Best solution for high speed machining The heat shrink is a great step forward in blocking cutters and the IMS technology and continuous research can offer to its customers several types of heat shrink tool holders always improved and reliable.
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