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TECHNOLOGY IMD (IMS-DIAMOND) - IMD is an innovative technology based on carbon with wide field of application. It makes it possible to overcome problems connected with abrasion, flowing and chemical attack. - The low deposition temperature, the hardness and the low friction coefficient make it a very interesting product. It is applied on finished products without the need to remove the surface finish layer. - IMD is deposited by means of the PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology which makes it possible to keep the deposit temperature low by guaranteeing, at the same time, optimal adhesion. - The high degree of hardness derives from the contemporaneous presence of sp² (graphite) and sp³ (diamond) hybridized carbon. - Surface hardness 2500 HV Advantages: - High hardness (abrasion and wear resistance). - Low friction coefficient (flowing power and anti-adherence). - Low friction coefficient(flowing power and anti-adherence). - Optimal chemical inertia (resistance to corrosion and chemical attack of acids, bases and salt). - Compactness (impermeable to gases), e.g. to hydrogen - Isolation electrical - Biocompatibility Field of application IMD technology is intended for use in aerospace, military and medical applications.
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