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11/21/2011 Higher performance for your machines - Titan
Titan New, higher performance for your machines! From IMS’s research to increase marble and woodworking tool-holder quality comes the TITAN tool-holder spindle: a NiCr high protection coating against corrosion with an average thickness of 30 microns. The novelty is in the new technique of applying the coating that offers the advantage of producing a surface whose roughness is greatly reduced, facilitating the sliding of impurities and diminishing the fiction on the cone and its comsuption. This treatment allows it to reach a surface hardness of 830 Hv, above the standards adopted up to the present. The hardness is only on the surface area give advantage of prolonging the tool-holder’s life by 60% without incurring structural fracture problems since the internal characteristics of the material is not modified. Moreover, this treatment provides excellent protection, for which there is also an excellent application in working stone, marble and glass where it is subjected to potent oxidizing agents. To obtain maximum performance, the product must be carefully preserved, avoiding being subjected to shocks that can create scratched, particular in the angular areas which can be more breakable on impact.
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