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HYDRO LINE The high quality and innovative standards of our tool holders and ability to offer our customers a wide range of personalized services to satisfy every need and binding them in time, are our main strengths, which have always distinguished us, and allow us to maintain our leading position on the Italian and foreign markets. The hydraulic technology is mainly used within the metal and wood working industries, but also in the areas of mold making and medical industry. Benefits: Clamping capacity 0.08 mm Highest run-out accuracy and repeatability concentricity precision 0.003 mm Extremely high clamping forces 2500 kg Higher tool life Self centering cutter heads standard balancing: - hydraulic chuck for cylindrical tool shank 25 000 rpm - the hydraulic mill arbor 20 000 rpm Now available in our products line a wide range of hydraulic technology, particularly the hydraulic chuck for cylindrical tool shank and the hydraulic mill arbor. This technology offers a torque 3 times higher than the standard collet and greater speed and precision in the tool changing.
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